Career at Berggren

As an employee at Berggren you will have the opportunity to work with great ideas. You will be an IP expert in the worlds of product development, brands and designs, and your colleagues are the best experts in the sector. In the slipstream of fast-paced teamwork and your client relationships, you will become a top expert of your field. What is it like to work at Berggren? Read Terhi’s, Antti’s, Milla’s and Anne-Mari’s descriptions about what it is like to work at Berggren.

Antti Kokko, Patent Attorney

“The road from an idea to a patent is long and winding. I start to learn about the client’s business and idea as soon as the process to patent and invention begins: I consistently guide the application process and its argumentation towards the goal on the basis of the client’s instructions. An understanding of businesses is crucial in this profession, and so is the ability and courage to think outside the box. I also come up against surprises, and targets are often changed during the process.

Technological development, problem solving and the enthusiasm to launch dialogue with the client on these subjects are all important drivers in my work. And being able to transform the tangible benefits of intangible rights into a concrete form is also a valuable skill.

As my career progresses I am working towards the European Qualifying Examination. Once I have passed this exam I will be a qualified European Patent Attorney and will be able to independently represent my clients at the European Patent Office (EPO). This extensive qualification facilitates an even deeper understanding of the field from the perspective of business. My days are full and the work is challenging, but the feedback is usually rewarding.”

Terhi Nykänen, European Patent Attorney

“Every day I deal with colleagues who are on the other side of the world and colleagues who are just a few metres away from me. The patenting assignments cover a broad scale: from global cases where I represent my clients in other countries, to the fine tuning on paper of a single important English term that describes an invention. During my working day I promise a client that I will aim to prevent their competitors’ patent applications ending up as patents at the European Patent Office. I make phone calls to the USA and ask my associate attorneys there to take care of the assignment on that market. I go through the patent application with a patent examiner at the EPO who approves the application after some minor changes. Then I walk a few metres over to our translators to discuss the translation of the application. An assistant tells me about the important deadlines on a situation report. Finally, I participate in a client meeting with our IP commercialization specialists where we discuss the possibilities of licensing. My work as a team leader and IP trainer offers additional dimensions and dialogues in my work.

By the end of each working day I am an attorney who has learnt something new, taken matters forward and used my entire range of skills in this field. I enjoy the fact that I can make a difference and I am proud of our service package.”

Milla Lehtoranta, IP Lawyer, European Trademark and Design Attorney

“I monitor the visibility and success of my clients’ brands all over the world. I carry out this monitoring on an anticipatory basis to ensure that my clients’ intellectual property rights are respected and I can provide efficient defence if these rights are infringed. I help to create the most sensible IP protection from the perspective of the client’s business, provide training on the benefits of and right way to use IP. As a European Trademark and Design Attorney and licensed counsel I handle IP disputes and legal proceedings.

In my work, I love the fact that I can provide attentive assistance to my competitive clients who are full of ideas and enthusiastic about their own product development. Working in this large IP office together as a team with the other IP lawyers, the IP assistants who are proficient in foreign languages and the patent attorneys who know about technology strengthens my own know-how and is rewarding. At Berggren, I deal with small and large cases, which makes my job even more varied. My career choice, to specialize in the eventful IP sector, is definitely not boring and brings successes every week.”

Anne-Mari Veikanmaa, IP assistant

“The opportunity to specialize in an interesting field and develop my skills to a whole new level brought me to Berggren as an IP assistant six years ago. I have accumulated over a decade of experience as an IP assistant. At Berggren I have had the opportunity to learn about the products of companies of different sizes and in different sectors. I enthusiastically follow their progress in product development and internationalization. I assist attorneys in the invention patenting process, taking care of all the related formalities, such as application correspondence and communication with different patent offices. I keep track of timetables and the different stages of the application process, from submitting the application to the granting of the patent. I work with the top specialists in the field, so even complicated projects run smoothly and the work is interesting.

Interesting assignments submitted by clients, and projects to develop our electronic environment have provided me with special expertise which I am proud of and which is in high demand.”

Kristian Lauslahti, IPR Legal Trainee

“An IPR Legal Trainee period at Berggren usually lasts for three to four months. This is an ideal period for familiarising yourself with the legal issues related to intellectual property rights and the work of an IP lawyer. It has been interesting to see how diverse and challenging an area IP is today and how important it is to companies. The importance of IP is growing for good reason.

At Berggren, trainees have an opportunity to engage in international work from the very start: the company handles foreign trademark, patent and utility model assignments on a daily basis. The large team of Berggren lawyers are busy, but the work is organised so efficiently that they always have the time to give me inspiring advice. My work mainly involves assisting with database searches and research related to trademarks. In addition, I prepare many types of documents as well as summaries of court rulings for clients. I also draft preliminary translations. By independently familiarising myself with the background information, I have been able to bring added value to cases.

Since my period as a trainee, I have continued to work here part-time, working on similar assignments as well as new, more challenging ones. I’m impressed by what this field has to offer! I’ve also noticed that my experienced colleagues are very happy with their career choice. The clients come from a diverse range of fields and their assignments are both challenging and fascinating.”