Portfolio for sale

Connected Vehicle Patent Portfolio

We announce the following IP assets for acquisition or licensing:

A patent portfolio having value especially for automotive industry players dealing with IP licensing matters relating to wireless connectivity of vehicles.

  • 8 patent families comprising 44 granted patents in the US and Europe
  • At least 3 standard essential patent families (SEP)
  • Patents cover many key implementation features and concepts (E.g. maps) relating to current products in the market
  • Over 10 claim charts available for further analysis 
  • Mature portfolio, which is fully granted


Method to achieve QoS at the mobile data receiver

EP1434131 (DE, FR, GB, DK, SE), NO, FI

Automatic configuration of mobile phone SIP settings

US8326955, EP(DE, FR, GB)

Reservation of Shared Local IP Multimedia Resource

US7836190, EP(DE, FR, GB, DK, SE), NO, FI

Providing additional information about point of interests in mobile maps & navigation applications

EP1194739 (DE, DK, FR, GB)

Crowd-sourcing of Wi-Fi access point data in server based mobile map & navigation systems

EP1386512 (DE, DK, FI, FR, GB), SE, NO

Procedure and arrangement for placing distances in order of precedence

EP1464193 (DE, FR, GB)

Procedure and arrangement for calculation of distances

EP1464194 (DE, FR, GB, CH), NO

Resource Allocation in Wireless Communications System

EP2067314 (DE, GB, DK, FR, SE),  FI

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