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Responsive Training Device for Boxing

We announce the following IP assets for acquisition or licensing:

training device

The patent pending solution available relates to sporting training equipment, particularly martial arts training devices and boxing training devices. It provides unpredictable interaction between the training device and its users which makes it truly unique in this product segment. The device is purely mechanical without any electronics.

Prototype of the device is available for review per request. You can see a video of the prototype in function here.

training device_1

training device_2

The technology in the ORBISTRIKER® device is protected with pending GB and PCT patent applications no GB1811626.9 and PCT/FI2019/050502, respectively.

The related trademark ORBISTRIKER® and www.orbistriker.com website is also available for sale or licensing.


ORBISTRIKER® and its logo are trademarks registered in Finland, register no 275109 and 275110, with applications outside Finland underway using the right of priority under the Paris Convention.

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