Portfolio for sale

Social Media Patent Portfolio

We announce the following IP assets for acquisition or licensing:

The portfolio comprises 54 granted patents in seven patent families in the US and Europe. The patents cover key features and concepts relating to social media services in the market. There are ten claim charts available for further analysis.

Inventions are based on R&D work by Telia between 1998 – 2010 and the portfolio is fully granted.


Subscriber communication capability

EP1524831 (DE, FR, GB, DK, SE), FI, NO

Digital permissions for positioning

EP1371256 (DE, FR, GB, DK, SE, FI), NO

A method and a system for transmitting a short message

US7711378, EP(DE, FR, GB, DK, SE), FI,  NO

Procedure and device for control of data file transmission

US7003579, EP(DK, FI), US, SE,  NO

Commenting on presence status in IMS environment

US9088621, EP(DE, FR, GB, NL, FI, SE, NO, DK)

Shared presence history in IMS environment

EP2400718 (DE, DK, FR, GB, SE, FI, NL, NO, EE, LT, LV )

Telephone conference system

EP1880536 (DE, FR, GB, DK, FI), SE, NO


The portfolio has value especially for industry players dealing with IP licensing matters relating to social media areas and it can be utilized for defensive negotiations against active social media companies in Europe and US.

The portfolio can be used e.g. to

- Lower the risk of litigation

- Reduce licensing cost

- Add negotiation power

- Differentiate own services

- Generate licensing income


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