Portfolio for sale

Mobile Operator Patent Portfolio

We announce the following IP assets for acquisition or licensing:

The portfolio comprises 81 granted patents in 12 patent families in the US and Europe. The patents cover many key solutions related to wireless standards and services of mobile operators and there are 11 claim charts available for further analysis. 

Inventions are based on R&D work by Telia between 1998 – 2010 and the portfolio is fully granted.

Method for routing a short message into a data network via converter component on the basis of the destination number

US 7113800, EP (DE, DK, FR, GB, SE, CH, NL), FI

Automatic configuration of mobile phone SIP settings

US8326955, EP(DE, FR, GB)

Managing control data in mobile station

EP1304006(DE, FR, GB, DK, SE), FI

Positioning of terminal equipment

EP1342388 (DE, FR, GB, DK, SE, CH), FI

Reservation of Shared Local IP Multimedia Resource

US7836190, EP(DE, FR, GB, DK, SE), NO, FI

A method and system adapted to provide value added services to mobile telephony subscribers

EP1180297 (DE, FR, GB), SE, NO

Network corrected URI

US8775642, EP (DE, DK, FI, FR, GB, NL, NO, SE)

Optimal SIP-I session routing in IPX environment

US 8929333, EP (DE,DK,FR,GB,NL,NO,SE), FI

Resource Allocation in Wireless Communications System

EP2067314 (DE, GB, DK, FR, SE),  FI

Subscriber data handling in telecommunication networks

US6880001, CN, EP(DE, FR, GB, DK, SE)

Method and system for transmitting connection time

EP1243156 (DE, FR, GB, DK, SE), FI

Change of service profile of mobile subscriber

EP 1055344, (DE, GB, FR, SE), FI

The patent portfolio has value especially for wireless industry and mobile operators dealing with IP licensing matters relating to wireless connectivity. The patent portfolio can be utilized for defensive negotiations against active IP owners, to lower risk of litigation, to reduce licensing cost, to add negotiation power etc.

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