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June 9, 2021 // Virtual Business and IP Event

Fast Forward is designed to help get you ready for a future that is shaping up to be substantially different from the recent past.

Join our unique virtual meeting on 9 June 2021 to get up to speed on key concepts for smoothly navigating through this changing world.

  • In the Tech and Legal Sessions you will gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities available in an open innovation environment, using Gellify as an example, and how to manage such collaborative projects from an intellectual property standpoint.
    You will learn how to negotiate and re-negotiate agreements during disruptive events such as Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.
    You also will learn how to manage and utilize artificial intelligence from an IP perspective.

  • In the International Sessions you will hear from speakers who will address a variety of international issues. You will learn about ideas for enhancing business relationships in the United States and Japan through proper cultural understanding. IP professionals from various jurisdictions will discuss important intellectual property issues and new developments in the United States, Europe, Germany, Russia and Eurasia.

This event has been organized for Berggren’s clients and contacts and Berggren reserves the right to select the participants who can attend the presentations. In addition, throughout the program there will be invitation-only networking opportunities as well as opportunities to meet the speakers in Q&A Session.

Starting time: 14.00 pm EEST (Helsinki) / 13.00 pm CEST (Paris) / 7.00 am EDT (New York) / 19.00 pm CST (Beijing)

Ending time: 18.00 pm EEST / 17.00 pm CEST / 11.00 am EDT / 23.00 pm CST



Lucia Chierchia

Managing Partner, GELLIFY

Lucia is the Managing Partner at GELLIFY, an innovation platform that connects high-tech B2B start-ups with traditional companies to innovate processes, products and business models through investments and the know-how of experts specialised in software enterprise and SaaS products.

At Gellify, Lucia leads the “Phygital Hub”, to assist companies in executing industry 4.0 projects, leveraging emerging technologies and alliances with startup ecosystems.

Lucia has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano and she formerly held managerial positions in technology organizations, in R&D & Industrial Operations, at a global level, including her position as Head of Electrolux Global Innovation Hub.


Dr. Linda Kawano, PhD

Founder, Group Optima

Linda Suzu Kawano has worked to identify and commercialize early-stage innovations for over three decades. Her experience includes assessing and licensing diagnostic technologies for Abbott Laboratories, directing Northwestern University’s Technology Transfer Program, working in business development and product marketing for Amersham Corporation, and consulting with numerous inventors, academic institutions, and start-up companies in the U.S. and abroad. At Northwestern University, Dr. Kawano negotiated the license agreement for the University’s discovery, pregabalin that was eventually commercialized as the blockbuster drug, LyricaR. She founded her consulting firm, Group Optima in 1996. GroupOptima, throughout its twenty-five-year existence, has provided assistance in the management and licensing of early-stage technology to universities, companies, and entrepreneurs.  Dr. Kawano also focuses her efforts on coaching scientists and other professionals in their presentations to non-scientists.

Her formal education includes a doctorate in Biological Sciences and Experimental Pathology from the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Robert Alderson

Partner, Berggren Oy
US and European Patent Attorney
International Client Relations

Robert is one of a very small number of intellectual property attorneys working at a European IP firm who has a law degree from the United States and is qualified to practice before both the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office. Prior to moving to Europe nearly 8 years ago, he worked in New York as an intellectual property attorney for 14 years, including over 10 years in the IP group of an AmLaw 100 law firm.

His responsibility at Berggren primarily involves international business development activities. In such capacity Robert often writes and speaks on a variety of intellectual property-related topics, particularly concerning comparative IP law issues. In his professional capacity, Robert has a great deal of experience in patent prosecution, litigation, licensing, opinion letter-writing, and IP due diligence matters.

In addition, Robert is actively involved in supporting Berggren´s Brokerage team, in particular with respect to deals with entities in Asia and the United States.



Mariella Massaro

Partner, J.D., Berggren Oy
Certified Licensing Professional
International Client Relations

Mariella works on international IP and commercial transactions and projects, including licensing and IP infringement issues across multiple jurisdictions. She also helps in developing effective IP strategies in key global markets.

Mariella is also a member of Berggren’s International Client Relations team, ensuring that foreign clients receive excellent legal services, tailored to their needs and expectations in terms of timeliness, quality and cost-effectiveness.

In addition, she established Berggren´s Italian Desk, based on her 15 years of prior experience as an IP attorney-at-law in Italy. Mariella is also part of Berggren’s Russian Desk, given her fluency in Russian along with her Russian cultural background and professional experience.


Arttu Ahava

European Trademark and Design Attorney
Berggren Oy

Arttu advises clients in IP strategy and registration processes, drafts and negotiates agreement, as well as handling enforcement and litigation. Arttu has particular expertise in personal data legislation and practices, and has received the CIPP/E certificate (Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe).


Elena Akulenko

Russian and Eurasian Patent Attorney
Berggren Oy

With more than 10 years of experience in patent practice, IP management, and R&D, Elena is part of Berggren’s Chemistry, Biotech & Healthtech team.

In addition, Elena worked as an in-house patent and licensing engineer at a leading Russian water purification technology company. In this role, she was active in managing IP issues and risks by developing and maintaining high-level engagements with R&D departments, as well as the CEO and top-level managers.

Elena holds a master’s degree in chemistry, a master's degree in innovation management, and a bachelor’s degree in law. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Materials Engineering at the University of Turku.


Kaisa Fahllund

Partner and VP of Berggren Legal, Brands and Designs

Kaisa heads the Berggren’s Legal, Trademark and Design Right business. She is an experienced professional in the field of IP, contract law and litigation.

Kaisa has more than 20 years of experience in drawing up and negotiating commercial contracts, as well as related litigation. In particular, she specializes in ICT project and service contracts, IP and technology license agreements, R&D projects and data protection. Kaisa also has vast experience in advising clients in public procurement procedures and contracts.


Dr. Andreas Herden

Partner, Blumbach Zinngrebe Patentanwälte

Dr. Andreas Herden studied electrical engineering and physics with a specialization in electrical engineering at Technical University of Darmstadt. He graduated with a Diploma (Dipl.-Ing.-Phys.) and received his PhD (Dr.rer.nat.) in physics for research in the field of optical information processing.

Andreas led a research group in the field of optical computing and served as lecturer at Technical University of Darmstadt.

He ran his own company in the field of medical technology and developed medical devices in the field of computer tomography.

Andreas became a German and a European Patent attorney and is partner of Blumbach Zinngrebe. He is responsible for the training of patent attorney candidates in the German state of Hessen and is involved in professional development in the field of intellectual property.

Andreas’ areas of expertise are optical information processing, optical computing, coherent light amplification, scientific instruments, laser systems, electro optic devices, optical fibres, optoelectronic instruments and devices, electronic computers, software, medical instruments, scanner systems, protection of software.


Dr. Volker Mergel

Partner, Blumbach Zinngrebe Patentanwälte

Dr. Volker Mergel studied Physics at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany from 1989 to 1996 and graduated with a Diploma (1994) and a Ph.D. in Physics (1996). From 1996 to 1999 Volker conducted research projects as a Post-Doc at KEK in Tsukuba, Japan; at RIKEN in Tokyo, Japan; and at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, CA, USA. During his university career, Volker obtained fellowships of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, of the German Academic Exchange Service, and of the Japan International Science & Technology Exchange Center.

In the 1990’s, together with some university colleagues, Volker established a Start-up company developing single particle detectors and ultra-fast imaging systems. In 1999 Volker joined Blumbach Zinngrebe. He became a German Patent Attorney in 2002 and a European Patent Attorney in 2003. In 2004 Volker became a partner of Blumbach Zinngrebe. Since 2010 Volker lectures on patent law at the University of Applied Sciences Bingen as an Adjunct Professor.

Volker has special expertise in optics, robotics, renewable energies, photovoltaics, mobile communication, glass melting and forming, metallography, laboratory instruments, medical/dental instruments, radiotherapy, laser, spectroscopy, electron microscopy, particle accelerators, TOF systems, vacuum technology, digital image processing.



Marjut Lattu

Partner, M.Sc., Berggren Oy
European Patent Attorney

Marjut has extensive experience of patenting in the field of information technology, particularly in the United States and Europe. She has comprehensive knowledge of IP perspectives related to product development and productization, patenting processes, perspectives related to IP utilization as well as IP strategies. She also provides assistance in infringement cases and prepares various types of assessments to support patenting decisions.

Marjut has been appointed to act as an external expert (IPR) at Market Court of Finland during period of 2020 – 2023. In addition, Marjut is a member of the Industrial Property Attorney Board on 2020 – 2023.



Keynote, TECH session - AT THE EDGE AND BEYOND

Lucia Chierchia (Gellify)

At the edge and beyond: how to execute open innovation


Presentation, TECH session - A multi-faceted approach to IP protection for Artificial Intelligence

Marjut Lattu (Berggren Oy) 



Break, TECH session - Q&A session

During a break, there's an open Q&A session where Lucia and Marjut will be answering the questions from the audience.


Presentation, Legal Session - IP Management in R&D and other Collaboration Agreements

Kaisa Fahllund (Berggren Oy)


Presentation, Legal Session - Negotiating and renegotiating agreements in time of Brexit and Covid-19

Arttu Ahava (Berggren Oy)


Break, Legal Session - Q&A session

During a break, there's an open Q&A session where Kaisa and Arttu will be answering the questions from the audience.


KEYNOTE, INTERNATIONAL session - Enhancing Business Relationships Through Cultural Understanding - Japan and the U.S.

Linda Kawano (Group Optima)


Presentation, International Session - Patent Prosecution and Licensing Updates in the United States and Europe

Robert Alderson (Berggren Oy)


Break, International Session - Q&A Session

During a break, there's an open Q&A session where Linda and Robert will be answering the questions from the audience.


Presentation, international session - Updates on Patent Litigation in Germany

Dr. Andreas Herden and Dr. Volker Mergel (Blumbach Zinngrebe Patentanwälte)


Presentation, International Session - Protecting your IP assets in the Eurasian market: benefits of EAPO

Elena Akulenko (Berggren Oy)


Networking - Q&A session

The previous speakers (Andreas, Volker and Elena) will be available at the same time at the Q&A Session for 15 minutes.


By leaving your contact information, you will register for the event. Register by Monday, June 7.

Should you need any further information about the event, please do not hesitate to contact us at communications@berggren.fi

This event has been organized for Berggren’s clients and contacts and Berggren reserves the right to select the participants who can attend the presentations. In addition, throughout the program there will be invitation-only networking opportunities as well as opportunities to meet the speakers in Q&A Sessions.


If you would like to join our event, please contact us by email at communications@berggren.fi