Dispute resolution

Berggren Legal has decades of experience in assisting its clients in all kinds of IP disputes.

Dispute resolution

Berggren Legal has decades of experience in assisting its clients in all kinds of IP disputes. Our wide-ranging expertise covers disputes related to patents and utility models, employee inventions, design rights, trademarks, domain names and copyright as well as resolving such disputes either amicably or by trial.

We also handle disputes related to trade secrets as well as contractual disputes and marketing disputes. We coordinate IP infringement disputes globally and conduct strategic assessments to determine what countries to take legal action in and in what order.

Berggren Legal provides expert assistance in the following scenarios:

  • if you suspect that someone is infringing upon your rights: patents, design rights, trademarks or copyright
  • if your company is accused of infringing upon the rights of others
  • if you fail to reach an agreement with your competitors or partners regarding exclusive rights
  • when you want to ensure the legal compliance of your advertising and marketing materials and the appropriate use of IP in marketing
  • when you encounter contractual disputes


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IP infringement

Our experts provide assistance in various infringement cases and litigation.


We specialize in employee invention disputes, trademark and design right infringement cases and domain disputes.

Counterfeit products

Berggren’s experts have extensive and wide-ranging expertise in handling cases involving counterfeit products and piracy.

Contractual disputes

Berggren’s contract specialists also assist clients in contractual disputes, including their prevention, settlement and resolution in court.

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Enriching the world of ideas ™. This is the goal of all services at Berggren. Our mission is to create opportunities for our clients to succeed.

The Berggren expertise is always business-oriented and tailored to your company's needs. You will be served by specialists who know the special features of your technology and the industry.

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