For more than 80 years Berggren has helped businesses achieve success by assisting them with their intellectual property rights globally through a selected international network of highly skilled professionals.

In order to support our clients in the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Berggren has also established a dedicated Russia & CIS Desk staffed with Russian-speaking experts.

In addition to their language skills, the members of Berggren’s Russia & CIS team are either qualified IP professionals from the Russian Federation or have acquired significant professional experience in advising clients operating in the Russian and CIS markets.

Our professionals of the Russia & CIS Desk regularly attend major business and IP conferences in Russia and are frequent public speakers and authors of publications on innovation and intellectual property.

In collaboration with Berggren’s International Client Relations team, the Russia & CIS Desk also provides assistance to clients from the Russian Federation and CIS countries on a variety of legal matters in the European Union, with a particular focus on intellectual property and data protection. 

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Russian and Eurasian Patent Attorney 

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+358 41 717 7272
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International Client Relations




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  • Elena Akulenko, Protecting your IP assets in the Eurasian market: benefits of EAPO, at Berggren’s Fast Forward seminar, 8 June 2021
  • Mariella Massaro and Ekaterina Pogosova, Инновация и Интеллектуальная Собственность в Евросоюзе: Основные События в 2020 г. (Innovation and Intellectual Property in the European Union: major updates in 2020), IP Academy, Moscow, 8-9 October 2020    
  • Mariella Massaro and Marjut Lattu, Решение основных проблем, связанных с 4-й промышленной революцией: патенты и многое другое в Евросоюзе (Managing challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution in the European Union: patents and more), IP Academy, Moscow, 18 September 2019 
  • Mariella Massaro and Robert Alderson, Глобальные стратегии патентования (Global patenting strategies), VIII International Forum «Intellectual property – ХХІ century», Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Moscow, 20-24 April 2015  
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Recognitions and Social Responsibility

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