Thursday, June 4 at 10 am EET / 9 am CET 

DATE & TIME: Thursday, June 4 at 10 am EET / 9 am CET 

LOCATION: Anywhere with an internet connection

When talking about intellectual property security in China and elsewhere in Asia, the problems are often rooted in government driven protectionism, difficulties in finding evidence, disproportionally small damage awards – if any, and a perceived bias against foreigners.

This perception is justified to some degree, but in many cases the hardship results from deficiencies in establishing the right strategies, quick-jumps into partnerships with unknown companies, a low understanding of the local market dynamics, or from a generally blue-eyed attitude.

No matter how intelligently intellectual property protection strategies and measures have been established, one day one may notice that one’s creations of mind have been taken into use by third parties, unexpectedly and without approval. Finding the perpetrators, the location and the magnitude of the infringing activities often turn into a nightmare – a mission impossible. The question arises: Should one simply accept the state of affairs and be more prudent in the future?

Join us and learn more about the new service from Sakari Värilä, Sami Lindström, Daniel Karlsson and Sam Li in our webinar. The free webinar is organized in collaboration with Asia Perspective.

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