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While China continues to update its intellectual property law, including available IP enforcement mechanisms, uncertainty remains.

This uncertainty - both in China and other Asian countries - is justified to some degree, but in many cases it can be remedied by establishing the right strategies and by having a better understanding of legal and market dynamics.

Even when intelligently-designed IP protection strategies have been put in place, entities are often unprepared to face the sudden realization that third parties are infringing such rights.  Determining the identity of the perpetrators as well as the location and magnitude of the infringing activities often resembles a "mission impossible".  The question often arises: Should one simply accept this difficult state of affairs?

Join us and learn more about the new service from Sakari Värilä, Sami Lindström, Daniel Karlsson and Sam Li in our webinar. The free webinar is organized in collaboration with Asia Perspective. This webinar is in English.

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