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Greetings from INTA!

May 22, 2018

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    What is INTA? It is four crazy days of meetings, seminars, committee meetings and cocktail receptions in interesting venues.

    Every May over 10,000 trademark enthusiasts like me assemble to talk about trademarks and other IP issues. Last year we took over Barcelona and this year it was a comeback to Seattle. For me this is the 8th INTA and I am here with my colleagues Mrs. Tarja Tchernych and Mrs. Suvi Julin. The outside counsel meetings organized by our foreign direct clients and face-to-face meetings with other colleagues are very important and also lots of fun. It is so much more comfortable to work and send emails with a colleague you have personally met, and to personally know the people who represent our clients abroad.

    Trademark matters, case law and legislations keep changing, new countries join Madrid Protocol and international conferences are the best places to exchange and update this information and discuss local peculiarities. We at Berggren are currently concentrating on enhancing relationships with our Asian colleagues as the market is becoming more and more important to our Finnish clients but at the same time the market is tough and we want to be able to find the best partners in each country.

    One good way to learn more about the INTA and different jurisdictions is to participate in committee work. I have been involved in several different types of committees over the past 14 years. Currently in my Judicial Administration and Litigation Subcommittee we are reviewing and comparing the laws relating to preliminary injunction in different jurisdictions, and trying to find ways to harmonize the practices.

    To maximize the benefits of the four days at INTA, we don’t meet our colleagues only during regular business hours. After the meetings we explore the city’s various venues, where law firms and other service providers have invited attendees to come to mingle more freely. Usually one does not need to arrange for any additional sightseeing in the city as the firms have already chosen the best places to visit.

    Is this all worth it? Definitely YES! My first INTA was in 2004 and over the past years I have not only gotten new colleagues, but also made new friends from many countries. It will take time to get to know all 10,910 attendees but at least I will try. One of the colleagues I first met in 2004 even sent me some work last year as he remembered me from INTA. My message for the first time attendees like my colleague Suvi is not to hurry but enjoy the INTA spirit!


    Writer Paula Sailas is visiting INTA Annual Meeting at the moment together with her colleagues Tarja Tchernych and Suvi Julin

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