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Berggren Oy uses the following, anonymous cookies that do not personally identify individual users:

  • Tracking/analytics Hubspot cookies, used to monitor which companies the visitors to the company website work and to track website visitors. Expiry dates ranging from at the end of the session to 13 months

  • Chatflow Hubspot cookie, used to recognize website users for the purpose of using website chat functions, if the chat is enabled. Expiry 13 months.

  • Google analytics/tag manager cookies, used to track user activity on the company’s website on a general level. Expiry ranging from session to two years. A few cookies, used to distinguish humans from bots, are persistent

  • Google targeted advertising cookie, used to identify a returning user’s device. Persistent cookie

  • Amazon Web Services CloudFront statistics cookie, used for collecting data on user navigation and behaviour on the website for statistical records and monitoring. Persistent cookie

  • Twitter cookie used to allow visitor to share content from website onto their Twitter profile. Persistent cookie

Necessary cookies:

  • Hubspot cookies, used e.g. for tracking user consent, user language choice on the website, to block malicious misuse of the website, and to carry out access tracking to certain parts of the website. Most of these cookies expire in less than a day, but a few (language choice, login credentials) expire in 1-2 years

  • CloudFlare/AWS cookies, used to identify trusted web traffic, for necessary website provider services such as load balancing and delivery of website content, expiry ranging from session length to 29 days

No third party cookies or other cookies except those mentioned above are used on the Berggren Oy website.

Click ”Accept” below in the event you agree to use of the above non-necessary cookies by the company. In the event you refuse to accept said cookies, you may be unable to use the website or the company’s services as intended. For the avoidance of doubt, the use of necessary cookies does not require your consent.

In addition, you may need to adjust the settings of your browser so that for example the browser will always ask for permission for receiving a cookie before accepting said cookie. You can also remove all cookies at any point.

More information about cookies: