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Modernized Greip® 10 has been developed to strengthen companies' ability to leverage intangible assets in their business

Sep 18, 2023

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    Berggren is a full-service European IP firm. We provide high-quality, comprehensive and business-oriented services and digital solutions for all areas of intellectual property to help our clients develop the best possible IP strategy.  Berggren is your strategic partner for growth and development of your business.

    Greip IP Solutions Oy, which is a member of the Berggren Group, has launched its new, next-generation Greip® solution. This revised version brings significant improvements to both the user interface and functionality. Special attention has been paid to communication between parties and budgeting capability.

    Greip® 10 offers businesses new opportunities for IP management. Communication is smoother, and the integration of email messages into Greip communication has been automated with an Outlook add-on. Additionally, entering predictable costs into case data is now more versatile. This update lays the foundation for many upgrades that Greip will offer in the coming years.

    While Greip® 10 includes many new features, its adoption does not require training. Basic features are familiar, but information management and usability are now more intuitive than before.

    Greip® 10 covers the entire IP management lifecycle and offers modules that can be tailored according to customer needs:

    • Innovations: evaluation and compensating of ideas and employee inventions
    • IP management: protection, maintenance, management of critical information, leveraging of IP, competitor monitoring, risk management, strategy implementation, and reporting
    • Contract management: centralized monitoring, management, and utilization of the negotiation process and contracts
    • Modern workspaces: efficient and secure collaboration with different parties, automatic linking of messages to content, up-to-date information.

    Greip® 10 can be integrated into the systems of client companies and includes ready-made integration solutions to key IP systems.

    Interested? The Greip team is happy to arrange demo sessions where you can see how Greip could support your company's operations.

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