Employee invention disputes

Employee invention disputes can often be avoided if your company has effective and rewarding guidelines for employee inventions and an incentivized product development and employee invention process. Berggren provides you with comprehensive expert assistance regarding employee invention processes.

Berggren’s attorneys can help resolve disputes arising from the rights to an invention or the amount of compensation due. We also prepare statements on fair compensation for employee inventions. If the dispute fails to be resolved through negotiation, we can represent our client before the Employee Invention Committee and in court.

Problems of interpretation may also arise between partners. In cooperative projects, it is important to be proactive when it comes to the ownership, right of use and compensation of any project-related intellectual property rights.

Trademark and design right infringements

In the event that your trademark or registered design is infringed upon, Berggren’s seasoned IP attorneys help you respond to the infringement effectively. We assess the chances of success of taking action against the infringement, draft cease and desist letters, handle negotiations and, if necessary, represent you in court with decades of experience. While negotiation is the primary method of resolving brand infringement cases, Berggren’s authorized legal counsel who specialize in handling IP infringement cases in the Market Court are prepared to help you with litigation as necessary. Berggren has also partnered with a comprehensive network of international IP attorneys, built through competitive bidding, to ensure that you have access to highly qualified and effective assistance in infringement cases outside Finland. Berggren’s attorneys coordinate actions against IP infringements abroad in cooperation with our partners.

Domain name disputes

Internet domain names are a form of intellectual property that hold an important role in the rightholder’s brand building efforts. The selection, registration and defense of domain names is worth investing in. If your preferred domain name is already taken, we will help you evaluate your options for having the domain name registration transferred to your company, including the possibility of legal action.

Berggren has several IP lawyers who are well versed in international domain disputes and a domain consultant who can provide expert assistance in matters concerning your domain names.