IP Due diligence

When you are buying or selling a company, the scope of the transaction often extends beyond the company’s actual business operations. Depending on the agreement, the transaction can also include the intellectual property rights associated with the business. Intellectual property rights have a history in terms of the protection decisions made, the current status in terms of their selected purposes and focus areas and, naturally, a future with respect to their expected risks and returns.

IP Due Diligence is an analysis of a company’s IP assets, usually prepared before a merger, acquisition or some other corporate restructuring transaction.

In Berggren’s IP Due Diligence process, our experienced IP attorneys and patent attorneys familiar with the technical aspects of intellectual property work together to produce a legal and technical assessment of the subject. To support the buying or selling decision, they prepare a clear statement concerning the precise scope of the company’s intellectual property and what are the potential risk factors of the IP portfolio from the client’s perspective.

The benefits:

  • Provides a good understanding of the company’s IP assets as well as their protection and management and the potential deficiencies/risks that the company’s intellectual property may involve.
  • Provides valuable information for shareholders and executive management.

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