IP infringement

Patent and utility model infringements

The handling of IP disputes has become substantially faster in Finland after it was centralized in the Market Court. Our experts have decades of experience in a wide range of infringement cases and related litigation.

In cases involving the suspected infringement of a patent or utility model, Berggren can provide you with a seasoned litigator as well as as a European patent attorney who specializes in the technical field in question. Our seamless cooperation ensures that you will have an effective team to assess the infringement and your options for moving forward.

Negotiation is the primary method of resolving infringement cases, and many excellent settlements have been achieved with the help of Berggren’s lawyers and patent attorneys.

If your infringement case fails to be resolved through negotiation, Berggren will provide you with an experienced litigation team consisting of a lawyer and a patent attorney to represent you in court. Also needed is written and oral evidence of infringement as well as the claimed damages and compensation. As infringement cases involve patents, technical expert witnesses are also often needed. In many cases, an infringement action can also lead to invalidation action.