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Heli Pitkänen

IP Specialist

As IP Specialist I work with patent and utility model cases assisting our clients in their IP matters and cooperating with our foreign associates and with patent offices. I know Greip system and I’m happy to assist with it. I have a M. Sc. Economic degree and competence in developing business operations. I understand the strategic meaning and marketing value of our clients’ IP matters. Joined Berggren in 2011, has practiced the profession since 2005.


Industrial property rights and copyrights, IP plan, IP strategy, Dedicated IP professional as a service, Novelty searches, Freedom to operate analysis (FTO), Patenting the invention, Invention hunt, Patent monitoring, BERGGREN IP CONSULTING, BERGGREN PATENTS


Patents and utility models in Finland and abroad, IP strategy.


Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Italian, French, German