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Our extensive team of experts can assist in everything from identifying inventions to protecting and defending them with the appropriate form and scope of protection. Our patent experts have knowledge covering all essential fields of technology and all necessary steps to achieve the right patent for various client situations. We have experience in collaborating with inventors, working with both small and large firms, start-ups, and international corporations, as well as communicating with agencies in different countries, negotiating with opponents, competitors, and legal institutions, and handling lawsuits. We maintain an active and extensive foreign agent network, whose expertise and cost-quality ratio we consider high-quality, achieved through daily collaboration, personal communication, and regular meetings.

All our experienced experts have undergone extensive technical and patent legal training, as well as exams measuring patent agent qualifications, ensuring high quality in both technical and patent legal areas. We guide our younger colleagues through a self-crafted expert path towards excellence, with guidance from our mentors who have experienced the world of patent matters.

Our experts have experience in industrial product development, patent office processes, research work, and R&D in the university and research world. We also offer In-house patent engineer services to our clients. Our specialists assist with their expertise in daily practical work, taking care of deadlines, correspondence with agencies in different countries, and foreign agent colleagues. Our tools and processes are specifically developed for handling patent matters between different parties, making our work efficient and of high quality.

Explore our services and contact us if you want more information or to discuss how we can support your specific needs.

Mika Laajalahti

VP of Berggren Patents, European Patent Attorney

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