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Trademarks, domain names, and unique designs are a means of standing out on the market. We will recognize and protect these trademarks, domain names, and unique designs, turning them into the intellectual property that will provide added value to your business. By means of registered IP rights, you can efficiently prevent others from using your important brand elements, for example, your trademark or the unique design of your product. With registrations, you can also commercialize your competitive factors, for example by licensing or selling your rights.

  • A trademark differentiates your products/services from the products of competitors. The registration of a trademark is an advantageous way to make sure that investments made in your trademark will play into the hands of your enterprise – and not your competitor.
  • A domain name is a technical identification string by which your firm/brand is found on the Internet.
  • Design rights are used to protect the unique design of, for example, a product, a package, or a user interface. Do you know how to protect these differentiating factors in such a way that they support the growth and success of your business?

Berggren Brands & Designs & Domains provide versatile, cost-efficient solutions for protecting and defending intellectual property rights which are valuable for the business of your firm. With 85 years of experience, we protect and defend the trademarks, designs, and domain names of our clients in Finland, in Europe, and globally. 


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