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We help your company protect brands and designs in such a way as to create value and competitive advantage for your business.

Our IP Services

35 000


We have filed nearly 35,000 trademark applications globally in the 2000s.



We have filed more than 3,500 EU trademark applications on behalf of our clients.


Community design registrations

We have registered more than 3000 Community designs in Europe for our clients.

We protect your brands and designs

When a company creates a plan concerning a new name, brand or the design of a product, packaging or a user interface, this is a very important time to assess the protection of these assets based on the scope required by the business. Design rights protect the design of a new product, packaging or user interface. Trademarks and domain names provide protection for brands and enhance marketing. Do you know how to protect these differentiating factors in a manner that supports the growth and prosperity of your business?

Berggren offers a full range of solutions to help your company protect these differentiating factors in such a way as to create value and competitive advantage for your business. The diverse legal expertise of our experts and our advanced service solutions provide cost-effective and high-quality solutions for the global protection and management of trademarks, design rights and domain names.

We create a customer account team to suit your needs, possessing not only legal expertise, but also strong experience in IP management in business.  

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Pekka Lindroos, Hartwall: “Berggren provides us with quick, efficient and high-quality service”

Cooperation strengthens expertise and ensures uniqueness.

Enriching the world of ideas ™

Enriching the world of ideas ™. This is the goal of all services at Berggren. Our mission is to create opportunities for our clients to succeed.

The Berggren expertise is always business-oriented and tailored to your company's needs. You will be served by specialists who know the special features of your technology and the industry.

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