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IP Consulting

Effective management of intellectual property rights creates a competitive advantage and protects the company's innovations and brand in the market.

Ip consulting

Utilizing intellectual property in business

Effective management of intellectual property rights requires smooth division of labor and involvement, reliable information processing, understandable reporting, and high-quality summaries. Success is facilitated by skilled partners who help integrate your company's IP assets into the business and enable their systematic management.

Berggren offers solutions for developing and implementing IP management to ensure the success of your company. Berggren's experts have extensive experience in IP management in an international business environment.


Good IP management

The foundation of IP management can be built from five different elements, the significance and content of which depend on the company and its business objectives:

  1. An IP strategy that supports business objectives.
  2. Knowledge of one's own IP portfolio and the business purpose of the portfolio.
  3. Awareness of the surrounding IP field, i.e., knowledge of competitors' IP portfolios.
  4. A sufficiently sized IP organization that interacts with business representatives.
  5. IP processes and tools that are tightly integrated with business processes and that implement the IP strategy.

Managing your business with the help of IP

Freedom to operate analysis (FTO)

IP Plan

IP Portfolio Analysis and Management

IP Strategy

IP Management Tools

Dedicated IP Professional as a Service

Infringement analysis

Patenting the innovation


Mika Lehtinen

VP of Berggren Brokerage & IP Consulting, Patent Attorney

Mika Pinolehto

IPR Business Manager, Patent Attorney

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