Resource allocation for IP 


Successful IP management requires your company to have access to up-to-date expertise related to intellectual property rights. As an alternative to having in-house human resources handle IP-related matters, you can purchase IP management as an expert service.

The duties of an IP expert typically include analyzing the inventions and trademarks of your company and making decisions about their protection. At the same time, it is important to consider the company’s business objectives, the monitoring of the IP protection process and, potentially, handle tasks related to agreements.

Berggren’s expert services give you access to expertise in the appropriate area, customized to your business needs. Many of our experts have previous career experience of IP management roles in the international business environment. When you take advantage of this service solution, you will always have access to the latest industry expertise.

The benefits:

  • Access to an experienced professional who matches your company’s needs
  • Cost efficiency
  • Quick access to expert assistance

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