IP management tools

As IP lifecycle management becomes an increasingly critical success factor in business, it is essential to make intellectual property understandable and transparent and to make the relevant information available to the appropriate stakeholders. The SaaS-based Greip® service provides companies with a comprehensive IP management cooperation platform that is customized to their needs. Originally created by Berggren, the Greip® service is currently in continual development by the Berggren spin-off Greip IP Solutions Oy.

Greip® includes solutions to suit the various needs of companies.

Greip® Express is a secure platform for IP-related cooperation and communication between Berggren and its customers. The service also includes a variety of graphical reports and lists to illustrate the overall status of the IP portfolio. Click here to sign up for Greip® Express.

Greip® Complete is a more comprehensive law firm-independent solution to support the lifecycle management of the customer’s entire IP portfolio, ranging from the processing of ideas and inventions to the management of IP and agreements.  For more information on Greip® Complete, please refer to the product website