IP management tools

IPR lifecycle management is increasingly becoming a critical success factor in the operations of companies, and this requires that intellectual property is up-to-date, understandable, transparent, and information is available to the right stakeholders. A company's IPR management requires the creation of an up-to-date IPR plan, tailored to the company's needs, and effective practices for its implementation. We assist our clients in developing IPR management to meet the current and future needs of their business. In this, we utilize the best practices of IPR management, for which the Greip 10 IPR management platform is available in our group.

We have developed the capabilities and practices for easy and quick implementation of the IPR management model in the Greip® 10 tool. This ensures that a successful plan is established to strengthen the client's business.

Greip® was originally created by Berggren and is now offered by Berggren's subsidiary Greip IP Solutions Oy. The current product version, Greip® 10, is a modern, comprehensive solution independent of patent agencies for the entire lifecycle management of a company's intellectual property, from handling ideas and inventions, to managing IPRs and contracts, and their utilization. More information about the Greip® 10 solution can be found on the website of Greip IP Solutions Oy.