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IP Plan

We assist the company in identifying factors that affect its competitive advantage, and we prepare a plan for their identification, protection, and utilization.

An IP plan is not just a preventative measure, but an active strategic tool that supports a company's success and growth in the long term. It is an investment in the future and the continuity of the business.


  • Awareness of your own IPR situation: We help you understand your entire IPR portfolio and its possibilities.
  • Increasing IPR awareness: We strengthen IPR awareness in your organization and encourage active management of intellectual property rights.
  • Strengthening IPR assets: In collaboration with you, we aim to increase the quantity and value of intellectual property rights in your company.
  • Managing IPR risks: We minimize risks associated with IPR and support you in protecting against competitors and legal complications.

Mika Pinolehto

IPR Business Manager, Patent Attorney

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