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IP portfolio analysis and management

We assist the company in managing its IP portfolio so that IP investments are targeted correctly.

Classification and analysis of selected IP rights or the entire portfolio. In addition, we determine suitable uses for the IPs and suggest necessary actions, such as defensive use or commercialization of the IP portfolio. We assist the company in managing its IP portfolio so that IP investments are targeted correctly.

The primary focus is to first assess how the current IP portfolio covers the business and its strategic objectives and what new potential IP protections are needed.


  • More efficient management of the portfolio
  • Maximizing benefits from patents
  • Cost savings
  • Increased IPR awareness

Mika Lehtinen

VP of Berggren Brokerage & IP Consulting, Patent Attorney

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Throughout the life cycle of a company, there are situations where the value of the intellectual property rights owned by your company is questioned. Such situations include corporate acquisitions and mergers, partial sale or licensing of business operations, and acquisition of venture capitalists and other financiers.

The value of your company's intellectual property rights is influenced by many variables: the current state and future plans of your business, the protection scope of the acquired IPR protection, its geographical extent and duration of validity, competitors and their intellectual property rights, as well as the prevailing market conditions.

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We skillfully analyze what your IPR portfolio contains and assist in determining their value through business considerations. We provide your company with a clear and understandable analysis of the factors that affect the value of your IPs.


  • Understanding of the quality and value of patents
  • Correct allocation of costs
  • Information for portfolio management and decision-making

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