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Your most important tool in managing your IP assets is an IP strategy that matches your operations. Your IP strategy answers the key questions, such as what kinds of ideas the company does and does not protect, what types of IP protection are used to build comprehensive protection, why and to what extent are intellectual property rights protected and how the company manages its IP portfolios. Your IP strategy also includes the objectives for IP risk identification and risk management. The ultimate purpose of your IP strategy is to ensure that you receive maximum benefit from your intellectual property rights; for example, in the form of improved competitiveness in a given market.

Berggren works with you to develop an effective IP strategy that supports your company’s innovation activities, business model, internationalization and growth. As part of the strategy, we help you plan and organize IP processes in a sensible manner. We also draft trademark and brand strategies that help your company manage and develop its brand assets.

The benefits:

  • Appropriately targeted and high-quality IP investments
  • Strengthening competitive advantages in business
  • Effective risk management
  • Smooth IP processes

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