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We have not yet encountered anything that Berggren couldn’t help us with

Aug 29, 2023

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    Wellpro's goal is to prevent lifestyle diseases and maintain health-promoting lifestyles.

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    A large number of Finns are affected yearly by various memory and mental health disorders. At the moment, it is estimated there are more than 190 000 people with memory disorders (link). In addition, 20-25 percent (link) of adults experience mental health issues. However, you can maintain and protect your memory and mental health even with small everyday actions. Wellpro Impact Solutions Oy specialises in screening brain and memory disorder risks, as well as promoting healthy ageing through small tasks. Wellpro’s goal is to help prevent lifestyle diseases and maintain lifestyles that improve well-being.

    Their products are easy-to-use mobile device applications that utilize the latest smart technology. The applications can collect, analyse, and produce data to improve both well-being and health. Wellpro’s customers range from private individuals to cities, governments as well as companies and entities responsible for improving health and well-being in society. 

    - All our products are based on research data and the latest technology. The Myseula tool for memory and brain health, for example, includes twenty-one carefully considered questions that are based on scientific research. Based on the answers, we are able tocan screen and identify possible risk factors and the user receives feedback immediately, explains Petteri Sveins, CEO of Wellpro.

    Berggren-Sveins-still4-1Petteri Sveins, Wellpro CEO

    - However, our products are not diagnostic tools or medical devices. Therefore, they can be used extensively and the user doesn’t have to be a healthcare professional, he continues.

    Not just risks but also solutions

    The activation program BitHabit is an online application that suggests small everyday tasks which help the user form healthy habits. For example, if the results from Myseula encourage the user to increase exercise, they can go to BitHabit and choose an area related to exercise. In addition, BitHabit can help with improving sleep, diet, social relationships, and mental well-being.

    – We don’t just point out the risks, we also give people an opportunity to take better care of themselves, Sveins states.

    Partner for international business 

    One of Wellpro’s core values is to take care of the security of user data and the reliability of the product. In addition to data processing, there are a lot of regulations related to cloud services and SaaS business. There are many different regulations and legal issues to consider. Berggren has helped Wellpro extensively with various IP and safety-related matters. 

    - When we were looking for a suitable partner, we started by looking at what kind of options there are in Finland. We got the impression that Berggren is one of Europe’s best offices and able to handle these things globally. This was especially important to us, as our business is very global. The legal services, consulting and assistance with IP-related matters Berggren provides are essential, Sveins recalls. 

    Initial survey provided an up-to-date picture of the situation

    The cooperation with Berggren began in 2022, with an IP pre-diagnostic service, IP Scan. It helped form an understanding of what Wellpro should pay attention to as their business grows and becomes more international.  

    – First, we looked at what kind of products we have, what kind of protection they need and if there was anything that should be patented. In addition to trademark and patent matters, Berggren has also helped us with various matters related to contracts, terms and conditions and everything included in SaaS business. They have made sure that everything has been taken care of to a T legally and, for example, in accordance with GDPR, Sveins sums up. 

    – The IP Scan clarified a lot of things. We also found out that we could apply for patent for Myseula. We had been under the impression it wouldn’t be easy to get a patent for this kind of cloud service. But Berggren thought that in our case it would be possible. The patenting process is ongoing, but we wouldn’t have been able to file the patent application without them. It would have been an impossible task, Sveins laughs.  


    IP Portfolio has a significant impact on business value

    Working with Berggren is now a part of Wellpro’s everyday life. BitHabit was just granted a European Union trademark and we are in the process of applying an equivalent for Myseula. Trademark applications have a lot of different deadlines and protection periods, which are challenging to keep up with.
    – It would be impossible to take care of all of this by ourselves. Berggren keeps us up to date with everything and we always plan our next steps together. Trademarks are a very important asset to us, and our IP portfolio has a significant impact on the value of our business. In other words, we pay attention to the bottom line and want to make sure these things are taken good care of, Sveins says.   

    Everything from consulting to patent applications

    Wellpro particularly appreciates the fact that Berggren has all the necessary services, from all fields of IP to consulting, all under the same roof. It makes many things considerably easier to take care of. 

     – If we had several companies involved with these matters, it would take a lot more of our time. It would take at least a day to explain what we do to a new partner. Berggren knows us and our services which is great! We have not yet encountered anything that Berggren couldn’t help us with, Sveins praises. 

    – I must say that everything has been great. Nowadays it’s almost a surprise to have a company that really sticks to deadlines, delivers everything on time and provides expert service. It’s great to work with them, Sveins smiles. 


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