We help our clients create intellectual property that is consistent with their business objectives. This approach is illustrated by our client references.




TactoTek: Berggren plays a big role in the management of the patent portfolio

TactoTek® is a company that develops injection molded structural electronics and operates globally.

“Berggren’s highly competent employees have been a crucial aspect of our partnership. They have the insight and understanding we need. When you manage a global portfolio, you also need capable agents at the country level. Berggren has a good network,” TactoTek Co-Founder and CTO Antti Keränen says.


Biocoil is a Kuhmo-based start-up aiming to build a better future for all of us. The intention with developing secondary flows from the sawmill industry is to create high-quality refined products, while at the same time considerably reducing the sawmill industry’s carbon footprint.

Together with Berggren, Biocoil has launched a patenting process in order to protect its new innovations. IPR matters are important not only for protection, but also for building a brand, securing a competitive edge and generating growth.

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Curious AI: "Berggren has been a versatile and open-minded partner for our growing tech company”

Established in 2015, Curious AI researches and develops basic technology for artificial intelligence. The company has engaged in wide-ranging cooperation with Berggren for several years now. One great example of the collaboration is the jointly developed document automation system introduced at the beginning of 2019.

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M-Files: ”Berggren was seen as a good partner”

Berggren Oy is a Finnish company that specializes in intellectual property (IP) and helps create the conditions for its clients to achieve success. 

For the software company M-Files Oy, Berggren provides full-service industrial property rights management, ranging from patents to trademark management.

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Hartwall: ”Berggren provides us with quick, efficient and high-quality service”

Berggren has provided trademark attorney services to the beverage company Hartwall for several decades. Over the years, a large number of trademarks have been registered both in Finland and internationally. 

Hartwall is satisfied with Berggren’s efficient and high-quality service.

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Cailap: "Cooperation strengthens expertise and ensures uniqueness"

Cailap Oy is a 40-year-old Finnish family business that designs and markets consumer products related to beauty and fashion, such as sunglasses and hair accessories. 

The products’ unique design language is important for the company, which is one of the reasons why Cailap has chosen to work with the IP firm Berggren.

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Supermood: "Berggren understands the world of startup entrepreneurs"

Supermood Oy is a Finnish brand of eco-cosmetics with a product range that includes, among other things, edible cosmetics and therapeutic products, such as pillow sprays. As the company has expanded into foreign markets, it has benefited from the services of its IP partner Berggren Oy. The cooperation has made Supermood’s founder Anne Kukkohovi more aware of the importance of trademark protection.

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