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Berggren | Krista Dahlberg

Helsinki (Finland)

+358 10 227 2387

+358 40 763 0055

Krista Dahlberg

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Krista Dahlberg

Partner IP Expert since 2015

European Patent Attorney

At Berggren, Krista assists clients in various patenting-related assignments, including freedom to operate analyses, novelty and availability searches and the preparation of patent applications. Krista has a strong technical background, particularly in the areas of radio engineering and space technology.

Before joining Berggren in 2015, Krista worked as a university researcher in various electronics and electrical engineering research projects.


Infringement analysis, Novelty searches, Freedom to operate analysis (FTO), Patenting the invention, Invention hunt, Patent monitoring, BERGGREN PATENTS


D.Sc. (Tech.)


Electrical engineering, space technology, radio engineering


Finnish, English, German, Spanish

Technical fields

Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum technology, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, MedTech

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