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Berggren | Kaisa Fahllund

Helsinki (Finland)

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Kaisa Fahllund

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Kaisa Fahllund

Partner IP Expert since 1991

VP of Berggren Legal Brands, Designs, Lawyer

Kaisa heads the Berggren’s Legal, Trademark and Design Right business. She is an experienced professional in the field of IP, contract law and litigation. Kaisa has more than 20 years of experience in drawing up and negotiating commercial contracts, as well as related litigation. In particular, she specializes in ICT project and service contracts, IP and technology license agreements, R&D projects and data protection. Kaisa also has vast experience in advising clients in public procurement procedures and contracts.

Prior to joining Berggren, Kaisa worked as a senior lawyer at a state-owned company focusing on ICT procurement and, before that, she worked 20 years as an Attorney at Law specializing in IP and ICT-related assignments.


Trade secrects, Selling IP, Buying IP, IP licensing, Technology sales and licensing, IP strategy, IP Due Diligence, IP Infringements, Disputes, Unfair Business Practices, Counterfeit products, Advertising and marketing law, Agreements, Public Procurements, BERGGREN BRANDS & DESIGNS, BERGGREN LEGAL


LL.M., trained on the bench (court practice qualifying to act as a judge), Licensed Legal Counsel


ICT contracts and disputes, IP contracts and disputes, advertising and marketing, business secrets, data protection and e-commerce, public procurement


Finnish, Swedish, English, German

Assisting Specialists