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Berggren | Hannu Halmetoja

Helsinki (Finland)

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Hannu Halmetoja

Partner IP Expert since 1982

Lawyer, European Trademark and Design Attorney

Hannu is an experienced IP lawyer with in-depth knowledge of trademark and design right legislation and copyright. Hannu’s expertise provides our clients with the tools to build a strong brand. He helps our clients protect their new designs with design rights and use trademark protection to support their brand-building efforts. Clients also consult Hannu on matters related to the selection and appropriate use of trademarks.

In addition to the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, Hannu specializes in handling various IP infringements. He defends clients in demanding IP disputes and litigation and is experienced in drafting IP contracts. Hannu is an influential member of international expert bodies in the field of IP.

Finnish, Swedish, English, German



Trademark protection, Design protection, Domain services, Trade secrects, IP plan, IP strategy, Freedom to operate analysis (FTO), IP Infringements, Disputes, Unfair Business Practices, Counterfeit products, Advertising and marketing law, Agreements, Trademark novelty searches, BERGGREN BRANDS & DESIGNS, BERGGREN LEGAL


LL.M., trained on the bench (court practice qualifying to act as a judge), M.Sc. (Econ.), Licensed Legal Counsel


Trademarks, design rights, IP strategy, IP infringements, copyright, anti-counterfeiting measures, marketing law


Finnish, English, Swedish, German