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Helsinki (Finland)

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Elisa Huusko

Partner IP Expert since 2008

Lawyer, European Trademark Attorney

Elisa specializes in agreements and intellectual property rights. She has more than 10 years of experience in the field of intellectual property and contracts. She has assisted Berggren’s clients with trademark, patent and copyright-related matters, with technology and license agreements and with settlement of disputes and litigations since 2010. Elisa is well versed in the methods and tools used in the protection of trademarks, works, the products of R&D activities and information. She helps Berggren’s clients protect and utilize their intellectual property.

Previously in her career, Elisa worked for an international technology company and the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


Trademark protection, Trade secrects, IP licensing, Infringement analysis, Technology sales and licensing, IP plan, IP strategy, IP Infringements, Disputes, Unfair Business Practices, Counterfeit products, Advertising and marketing law, Agreements, Trademark novelty searches, BERGGREN BRANDS & DESIGNS, BERGGREN LEGAL, Privacy


Licensed Legal Counsel


License agreements, IT law, copyright, trademarks, employee inventions, the settlement of disputes, litigation


Finnish, English

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