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Berggren | Mika Lehtinen

Tampere (Finland)

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Mika Lehtinen

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Mika Lehtinen

Partner IP Expert since 1996

VP of Berggren Brokerage, IP Consulting, Patent Attorney

Mika has over 20 years comprehensive IP experience and especially he has focused on IP commercialization. So far he has prepared material and participated in many important patent portfolio licensing or selling projects which have generated significant profit for IP owners (up to hundreds of millions). In his work Mika is able to benefit his broad contact networks to different kinds of global companies and patent acquiring organizations (e.g. patent funds). Mika started his IP career by working for Nokia on 1996. During his over 15 years career in Nokia he managed many demanding positions relating to different areas of IP e.g. in patent prosecution area, managing significant patent portfolios and commercializing patents.

In 2011 Mika joined Berggren and has commercialized patents in various fields, including ICT, chemistry and machinery. He is also helping clients with IP risk management and IP strategies


Selling IP, Buying IP, IP licensing, Monetization analysis, Infringement analysis, Technology sales and licensing, IP plan, IP strategy, IP management tools, IP portfolio analysis and management, Dedicated IP professional as a service, Freedom to operate analysis (FTO), IP Due Diligence, IP Infringements, BERGGREN IP CONSULTING, BERGGREN BROKERAGE


M.Sc in Technology


Services, software and ICT technologies, patent licensing, IP risk management, IP strategies, IP monetization


Finnish, English, Swedish

Technical fields

Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum technology

Assisting Specialists