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Shenshen Song

IP Expert since 2013

Asia Business Development Manager, Certified Chinese Patent Attorney Certified Chinese Trademark Attorney

With a decade of experience in the field of intellectual property, Shenshen Song has developed a strong professional background. She specializes in business development and client growth, consistently showcasing her skills in these areas. As a qualified trademark and patent attorney in China, Shenshen possesses a deep understanding of the complex intellectual property laws and regulations in the country, reflecting her dedication to the industry. Throughout her career, Shenshen has excelled at two well-known Chinese IP firms, where she has taken on various responsibilities. This diverse experience has broadened her perspective and forward-thinking approach, allowing her to tackle challenges from multiple angles. Motivated by a strong desire to make a positive impact, Shenshen is eager to drive innovation, foster growth, and establish valuable partnerships.


Trademark protection, Patenting the invention, BERGGREN PATENTS, BERGGREN BRANDS & DESIGNS, International IP projects coordination


Patents, trademarks and intellectual property law in China, business development


English, Chinese