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Berggren | Sakari Värilä

Helsinki (Finland)

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Sakari Värilä

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Sakari Värilä

Partner IP Expert since 2002

VP of Customer Success, European Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator

Sakari is an experienced and widely recognized IP expert. His career as an attorney spans many years and he also has work experience related to R&D processes in industry. Sakari understands the commercial starting points of start-ups as well as the business objectives of global enterprises and the significance of IP in both types of scenarios. He helps pinpoint innovations and has the ability to proportion IP processes to organizations’ different business models. His expertise also includes the tasks of an outsourced patent engineer and external patent panelist.

Sakari also appears as a professional expert witness and issues statements concerning patent technology in legal proceedings. Sakari identifies the most relevant issues in each case and offers flexible and tailored expert knowledge to support the successful achievement of goals. He is a member of domestic and international organizations and was on the Board of the Association of Finnish Patent Attorneys for several years.


Infringement analysis, Technology sales and licensing, IP strategy, Novelty searches, Freedom to operate analysis (FTO), IP Due Diligence, IP Infringements, Patenting the invention, Invention hunt, Patent monitoring, BERGGREN PATENTS


M.Sc. (Tech.)


Telecommunications, software technology, signal processing, physics, mechanics, disputes, litigation, IP studies and strategies, dispute resolution


Finnish, English, German, French

Technical fields

Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum technology

Assisting Specialists