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We are a European full-service IPR house providing services for the whole IPR life cycle

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Big innovations and brands have once been small ideas. Berggren will help you to see the ’big picture’ behind your ideas.

We are a European full-service IP house providing services for the whole IP life cycle. Protecting IP rights gives you new opportunities to develop even more successful business. Strong IP helps you to differentiate from your competitors and grow locally and globally. Commercializing your IP helps you to maximize revenue and benefits of your investments.





Our team of more than 40 European patent attorneys covers every technical field. Each year we file and prosecute hundreds of national, European and PCT applications, including Euro-PCT applications for clients all over the world.


We put our expertise to use to identify and protect your brands, designs and domain names to create IP assets that generate added value for your business. 

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Our legal expertise is at your disposal when you need assistance regarding agreements, public procurement, industrial property rights, copyrights, data protection, advertising and marketing, as well as issues related to actions taken by competitors.

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We work with you to create an IP strategy that supports your business and provide you with the best practices, tools and resources for its successful implementation and monitoring.

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We identify the utilization potential of your IP assets and offer new solutions for their monetization.


Our services can be purchased with various financing options supported by the Finnish government.

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Enriching the world of ideas ™

Enriching the world of ideas ™. This is the goal of all services at Berggren. Our mission is to create opportunities for our clients to succeed.

The Berggren expertise is always business-oriented and tailored to your company's needs. You will be served by specialists who know the special features of your technology and the industry.

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