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Berggren is an international full-service IP law firm

We offer top expertise, comprehensive services and digital solutions for all fields of IP. We combine our extensive know-how of IP to ensure you’ll have the best possible advantage of your intellectual property.

We are your strategic partner in the growth and development of your business.

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IP Consulting

IP as part of business success.

Freedom to operate (FTO) | IP Plan | IP portfolio analysis and management | IP strategy |  IP management tools | Infringement analyses


Protecting technological competitive advantage.

Patenting the invention | Invention hunt | Novelty searches | Patent monitoring

Brands & Designs

Brand & Design Protection.

Brands | Design and products | Domain services


Systematic management of IP risks and contractual environment.

Advertising and marketing law | Agreements | Unfair business practises | Public Procurement | IP Due Diligence |  Counterfeit products


Maximizing IP's Business Opportunities.

Selling IP | Buying IP | Technology sales and licensing | Monetization analyses | IP licensing

Global business development

Our Global Business Development Team includes dedicated professionals with international backgrounds who are knowledgeable about IP matters worldwide.











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Upcoming events

Our events will continue after the summer

We are going to take a little break in our webinars over the summer. In the meanwhile, check out our webinar recordings of various IPR topics.

Blogs & News

12.07.2021 | Berggren
Breaking News:  German Constitutional Court Clears Path for Ratification of European Unified Patent Court Agreement

In an order published on Friday 9 July 2021, the Second Senate of the German Federal Constitutional Court rejected two applications for preliminary injunction directed against the Act of Approval for..

7.07.2021 | Berggren
Berggren strengthens its dispute resolution practice

Berggren has strengthened and expanded its dispute resolution expertise practice with the recent addition of Matti Nousiainen (Master of Laws, trained on the bench) who joins Berggren as the Head of..

22.06.2021 | Berggren
2021 European Innovation Scoreboard Just Released: Nordic Countries Dominate Rankings Once Again

The Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have long enjoyed a reputation for being among the most business-friendly locations for innovation-oriented enterprises. This..

Our customer experiences

"Biokasvu has succeeded in developing and patenting a fertilizer formulation which stimulates the activity of natural soil micro-organisms so that nutrients are released to be used by crops better than before. With the help of Berggren, this quite novel fertilizer was widely patented in the Western world. The aim for the future is boldly to export the new fertilizer formulation to the international markets."
"Berggren’s highly competent employees have been a crucial aspect of our partnership. They have the insight and understanding we need. When you manage a global portfolio, you also need capable agents at the country level. Berggren has a good network,” TactoTek Co-Founder and CTO Antti Keränen says."
"With Berggren’s help, the company successfully obtained a U.S. patent in early 2020 concerning the thrust vector control of the twin motor aircraft and the operation of its cargo space. The company also has pending patent applications in other jurisdictions."


Your ideas excite us today and tomorrow.


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