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Renewal of trademarks and design rights

eBerggren® renewal tool for maintaining and renewing trademark and design rights registrations.

The eBerggren renewal tool service allows you to easily view and notify which trademark and design rights registrations will be renewed, as well as identify any simultaneous actions such as changes in ownership that might be required. This service provides a cost estimate for the upcoming year's trademark and design rights renewals, aiding in budget planning.

You can manage the renewals regardless of time and location, and the service offers competitive renewal prices for trademark and design rights registrations without compromising on quality. The tool is user-friendly and compatible with all smart devices.

Trademark Registrations:

  • The trademark renewal tool informs you if proof of use needs to be presented during the renewal of a trademark.
  • It's possible to add, as an additional service, our expert's recommendation for future renewals and other legal advice.

Design Rights Registrations:

  • The design rights renewal tool displays clear images of the models that are due for renewal, making it easy to provide instructions.
  • It also takes into account any annual fees associated with design rights registrations.

This comprehensive approach ensures that your company's intellectual property is effectively managed and protected, with the convenience of handling everything digitally.

Sirpa Tengström

European Trademark and Design Attorney, Team Leader

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