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We have a highly qualified team to help you with IP monetization. We have successfully handled several international IP licensing projects.

IP monetization

Monetizing intellectual property allows a company to take full advantage of their IP assets; for example, to earn additional revenue that can be used to finance new product development or business activities, or to reduce the annual expenses associated with unnecessary IP assets. Monetization requires resources and special expertise that the company itself might not possess.

We have a highly qualified team to help you with IP monetization. Our key people have a long and versatile IP industry and IP monetization background in global companies. We have prepared IP licensing/selling material, participated in licensing/selling negotiations and negotiated with tens of Fortune Global 500 companies. We have great technical competences and have prepared over 1,000 claim charts to support patent licensing/selling. Within the Team working on our cases, we have over a dozen people actively participating in Berggren Brokerage commercialization projects.

IP monetization decisions should be based on careful research. As a professional IP partner, we take care of the necessary negotiations to achieve the best and most profitable outcome for you. 


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Enriching the world of ideas ™. This is the goal of all services at Berggren. Our mission is to create opportunities for our clients to succeed.

The Berggren expertise is always business-oriented and tailored to your company's needs. You will be served by specialists who know the special features of your technology and the industry.

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