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We help you identify the commercialization opportunities of your IP assets and offer tailored solutions for their monetization.


Commercializing your intellectual property

By commercializing your intellectual property, you maximize their economic potential, either by generating additional income for your company or by reducing unnecessary IPR expenses. We understand that this requires special expertise, which is not always available within your company.

We offer an experienced team for IPR commercialization. We have successfully implemented many international patent commercialization projects.

Choosing us as your IPR partner, you can rely on our thorough background work and negotiation skills, ensuring the best possible financial outcome.

Put your intellectual property to good use

Selling IP

Buying IP

Technology sales and licensing

Monetization analysis

IP Licensing


Mika Lehtinen

VP of Berggren Brokerage & IP Consulting, Patent Attorney

Mika Pinolehto

IPR Business Manager, Patent Attorney

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