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We help protect your innovations and business - patents prevent competitors from copying your inventions and improve the company's market position.


We provide the keys to building your company's competitive edge

Patenting an invention: Patenting not only ensures a clear market advantage for your invention but also protects your company's innovations from being copied by competitors.

Novelty research: Novelty research is a critical phase in the patent process for a new invention. This research phase guarantees that your idea is truly unique, giving you a significant advantage.

Patent monitoring: Patent monitoring is an essential part of managing intellectual property rights. It enables active protection and ensures that innovations are safe from competitors' actions.

Utility model: The utility model provides protection for technical inventions that do not meet the demanding inventiveness criteria for patent protection. This form of protection is ideal for those looking for quick and cost-effective protection for their inventions.


Why Berggren?

  • Our extensive and up-to-date expertise in precisely the right technology field ensures the success of protection.
  • Our advanced operating models and long experience guarantee the smoothness and quality of the patenting process.
  • Our developed partner network ensures the success of protection globally.
  • We offer solutions from identifying an invention to its global protection and monitoring.
  • We are experts in all the key technical fields, thoroughly understand the patent processes, and go through our client's situation with them at the beginning of the protection process, which ensures that your innovations always receive the best and most suitable protection possible.

Technical fields

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Estimate for a patent application

We offer you a 24/7 possibility to estimate the costs of a patent application for your invention in various countries around the world.

By using the eBerggren® calculator you will receive an initial cost estimate, after which you can request a more detailed quotation from us. Our experts will determine the scope of patent protection needed based on your current and future business and draft a cost-effective proposal to start the patenting process on your preferred market.

Protect your innovation

Patenting the invention

Novelty Searches

Patent monitoring

Utility model


Sakari Värilä

VP of Customer Success, European Patent Attorney

Mika Laajalahti

VP of Berggren Patents, European Patent Attorney

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