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Protecting technological competitive advantage

A company’s ability to differentiate itself in the market and create a sustainable competitive advantage through new technological solutions and related inventions is a key factor in business success. Your invention can be a previously unpublished product or device for which you can apply for a patent or utility model in your key markets.

Protecting an invention is worthwhile because a well-drafted patent helps you prevent your competitors from copying your invention. A high-quality patent not only protects the invention or the product that stems from the invention, but also the business activities based on the invention. We help you identify your inventions and increase your company’s value through patenting, ensuring that your competitive advantages are realized in your business.

  • Our broad and up-to-date expertise in specific areas of technology help ensure successful protection.
  • Our advanced operating models and extensive experience ensure the efficiency and quality of the patenting process.
  • Along with a strong network of international partners, we ensure the global success of patent protection.
  • We provide solutions ranging from the identification of inventions to their global protection and monitoring.

Protect your innovation

Patenting the innovation
Patenting the innovation
Novelty Searches
Novelty Searches
Patent monitoring
Patent monitoring

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Patenting process

Drafting a patent application for an invention based on the client’s business objectives and managing the processing of the initial application by the agency.


International patenting

Expanding the protection sought by a first application to high-priority countries or selected regions.



"When your patent applications are very well written, you naturally have a higher chance of obtaining patents. This also presents us with better opportunities to find funding partners. Thanks to our partnership with Berggren, we can be confident that our patents are in the best possible hands,” Hohenthal concludes.

"Berggren’s strong professional expertise and industry insight has been crucial for the success of the cooperation. Good patent writing starts from the very early stages of the invention process and is carried out without detailed guidance."

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