Patenting the invention

A company’s ability to differentiate itself in the market and create a sustainable competitive advantage is a key factor in business success. Using patents to protect the inventions made by the company’s employees or otherwise acquired by the company based on the scope required by the business is important when these inventions enhance the company’s competitive advantage or are used increase its freedom to operate. A good starting point for patenting is that protecting the invention will create a substantial advantage in the market.

Berggren’s solution for the patenting of your inventions consists of appropriate and up-to-date technological expertise as well as a highly developed service model for global patenting. Our experienced in-house experts handle your affairs comprehensively throughout Europe and the United States. In other parts of the world, we are assisted by our efficient high-quality partner network. We create a customer account team to suit your needs, possessing not only expertise related to technology and patenting but also strong experience in the use and management of IP in business.



We offer you a 24/7 possibility to estimate the costs of a patent application for your invention in various countries around the world.

By using the eBerggren® calculator you will receive an initial cost estimate, after which you can request a more detailed quotation from us. Our experts will determine the scope of patent protection needed based on your current and future business and draft a cost-effective proposal to start the patenting process on your preferred market.


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