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Patenting the invention

Patent your invention with Berggren's expertise

Business success is centrally influenced by its ability to stand out in the market and create lasting competitive advantages in the products and services offered. Protecting the inventions made by a company's staff or acquired by the company itself with patents to an extent required by the company's business is important when they strengthen the company's competitive edge or increase operational freedom. A good starting point for patenting is that protecting the invention brings clear benefits in the market.

Why Choose Berggren?

  • Technological expertise: The most current and specific technical expertise necessary for patenting your inventions.
  • Advanced service models: A highly developed service concept for global patenting.
  • Experts near you: Our experienced professionals offer comprehensive services across Europe and the United States.
  • Global partner network: A high-quality and efficient collaboration network to support you elsewhere in the world.
  • Tailored client team: We assemble a team for you that combines top-level expertise in technology and patenting with extensive experience in managing IP matters and leveraging business.
  • Take a step towards global protection of your innovations – Berggren is your partner on the path to success!

Mika Laajalahti

VP of Berggren Patents, European Patent Attorney

General information about patenting

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Patents in general

A patent protects the technical implementation of an invention.

The subject of a patent can be a product, device, and/or method that is new, inventive, and solves a technical problem. A patent can also cover a computer program, provided that the computer program is part of a technical solution and is also new and inventive.

Patent protection is based on the patent claims and the description and drawings provided for their interpretation. Therefore, it is crucial that the invention is precisely defined, taking into account the inventive details, the technical environment, and other elements that affect the overall implementation of the invention.

A patent application must be made before the invention is disclosed to the public

What's included in the cost?

The costs of preparing and filing a patent application are comprised of defining the invention, drafting the patent application, authority processing fees, and our expert services.

It's important to note that after the patent application is filed, the patent office examines the patentability of the invention defined in the application. During this examination, the interim decisions typically received and the responses prepared for them can incur additional costs in the application process. After the grant of the patent, potential oppositions (attempts by third parties to invalidate the patent) can also increase the overall cost of patenting. Additional costs may arise due to changes in exchange rates and official fees.

Our patent services

Berggren’s patent team consists of experienced patent attorneys and IP specialists. Our team has the vastest knowledge of various areas of technology in Finland. Alongside our European Patent Attorneys, we have patent attorneys qualified before the Chinese, UK, German, and US patent offices.

Our patent attorneys will help you to understand the possibilities of protecting your invention. This way you will get appropriate protection and ensure you will benefit from your invention.

  • Together we will consider from your business’ point of view what can and should be protected.
  • We will go through the aspects that affect the protection, such as, the inventive step, technical features, and international dimension.
  • We will handle the patent process domestically as well as internationally in the extent required by your business.
  • If your patent is infringed, we will deal with the infringement assessments and defend the patent with expertise.

Our IP specialists will handle the formalities of the patenting process.

What will happen if you don't protect your invention?

If you do not protect your invention, you may face the following risks and disadvantages:

  • Threat of copying: Others may freely copy and use your invention without paying compensation to  you.
  • Lost royalties: If you plan to selling or licensing your invention, the absence of a patent can significantly reduce or completely eliminate potential revenue sources.
  • Difficulty in obtaining funding: Many investors and financiers consider patents and other intellectual property rights as an important measure of value, so the lack of a patent may make your business or idea less attractive as an investment.
  • Competitors' advantage: Your competitors can use your invention to their advantage and gain a market lead.
  • Legal challenges: Ironically, if you do not patent your invention and someone else makes a similar invention and patents it, they may sue you for your use, even if you were the original inventor.
  • Weakened negotiation position: Patent protection provides a stronger position in negotiations, such as in licensing agreements or partnerships.
  • Brand and reputation damage: Without proper protection, your company's brand and reputation may suffer when customers see similar products from competitors.
  • Lost opportunity for a monopoly: A patent gives you the exclusive right to your invention for a certain period, preventing others from operating in the same area.
  • If two people independently develop the same invention, both may attempt to patent it. If the original inventor has not yet filed a patent application, the other person could theoretically try to patent the invention first. International differences in patent systems can also lead to attempts to patent the same invention in different countries. Patent authorities assess whose application is accepted, and it is important that the original inventor files the application in time and is equipped with all necessary evidence of the invention's origin.

Considering these risks, it is important to seriously consider the possibilities and benefits of protecting inventions.


Estimate for a patent application

We offer you a 24/7 possibility to estimate the costs of a patent application for your invention in various countries around the world.

By using the eBerggren® calculator you will receive an initial cost estimate, after which you can request a more detailed quotation from us. Our experts will determine the scope of patent protection needed based on your current and future business and draft a cost-effective proposal to start the patenting process on your preferred market.

How can we help?

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