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For more than 80 years, the people at Berggren have been brought together by our enthusiasm for our client’s ideas. This is reflected on how we all work together according to our values - with good energy and a shared joy in success. As a full-service IP firm, our work community is a collection of diverse technological, legal, and business expertise, where all individuals are equal. We are flexible in different life situations and support each other to achieve the best results.

As an international and a leading company in our field, we offer a variety of opportunities for development, as well as job positions for different stages of one’s career. Continuous development and learning are a part of everyday life of our experts. We provide training for everyone and put effort in developing top expertise through each individual's strengths.

Close co-operation with a wide range of clients also provides continuous opportunities to expand one’s own skills.

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’The road from an idea to a patent is long and winding. I start to learn about the client’s business and idea as soon as the process to patent and invention begins: I consistently guide the application process and its argumentation towards the goal on the basis of the client’s instructions. An understanding of businesses is crucial in this profession, and so is the ability and courage to think outside the box. Technological development, problem-solving and the enthusiasm to engage in dialogue with the client on these subjects are all important drivers in my work.’ Antti Kokko – European Patent Attorney at Berggren





’I monitor the visibility and success of my clients’ brands all over the world. I help to create the most sensible IP protection from the perspective of the client’s business and I also provide training on the benefits of IP and the right way to use IP. As a European Trademark and Design Attorney and licensed counsel, I handle IP disputes and legal proceedings. In my work, I love the fact that I can provide attentive assistance to my competitive clients who are full of ideas and enthusiastic about their own product development.’ Milla Lehtoranta, Lawyer, European Trademark and Design Attorney at Berggren

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