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Berggren | Seppo Kilpeläinen

Tampere (Finland)

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Seppo Kilpeläinen

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Seppo Kilpeläinen

Partner IP Expert since 2001

European Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator

Seppo has experience since 2001 in strengthening the business of clients both small and large as well as ensuring their productivity. He is an expert in the identification and protection of inventions, IP studies and patent utilization, defense and invalidation. Especially he is experienced in European oppositions and oral proceedings. Seppo specializes in IP issues related to inventions and industrial processes in chemistry and biotechnology. He also handles cross-disciplinary inventions, such as IT applications. In recent years, Seppo has devoted significant time to patent litigation and the upcoming new European patent system.

Before joining Berggren, Seppo worked as an academic researcher. Seppo also has experience of working as a patent engineer in the industrial sector. Seppo has been appointed as an expert member of the Finnish Market Court for the period of 2020-2023


Infringement analysis, Novelty searches, Freedom to operate analysis (FTO), IP Infringements, Disputes, Patenting the invention, Invention hunt, Patent monitoring, BERGGREN PATENTS




Chemistry, biotechnology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, medical applications and diagnostics, pulp technology, material technology, water chemicals, food products, sports nutrition, litigation


Finnish, English, Swedish, German, French

Technical fields

Biotechnology, Life Sciences, MedTech, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, GreenTech, Circular Economy, Wood, Pulp and Paper

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