Trademark protection


A trademark is a distinctive sign, for example a word, a logo, a sound, or a distinctive appearance of a product/package used in business. A trademark distinguishes your products/services from products/services of competitors. Registering your trademark is the most advantageous and secure way to make sure that the investments made in your brand will play into the hands of your firm – and not your competitor. If you leave your trademark unprotected, it is at risk of being copied, and intervening in copying without having a registration is difficult and expensive.

A trademark is protected by registering it in the country or region where it is used. For a Finnish company, the alternatives are normally either a Finnish trademark or a EU trademark covering all EU countries, depending on the needs of the business. Many countries outside the EU can be covered by an international trademark registration, in which the countries important for the business of the firm can be named.


We offer you a 24/7 possibility to estimate the costs of trademark registration in various countries around the world.

After the initial quotation, it is possible to request a detailed cost estimate from us. Our experts determine the scope of protection needed based on your current and future business needs and provide you with a cost-effective international filing plan taking into account the necessary classes of goods and services.

The key to high-quality trademark registration is an accurate and comprehensive list of goods and services drafted with expertise, which covers not only your current business needs but also takes into account your needs in the future when your activities are likely to evolve and expand.

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Before filing a trademark application and using the trademark, it is important to carry out preliminary searches to make sure that the same or a similar trademark has not been registered for the same products/services by someone else. With such a risk analysis, you will secure the usability of your mark in advance and avoid possible expensive infringement litigations in case someone has already registered a corresponding trademark for the same products/services. Having years of experience, Berggren Brands & Designs experts will quickly make searches according to the business needs of your firm, and provide a clear risk analysis on the usability and registrability of the name selected by you.
Our experts will also take care of the renewals and maintenance of your valuable trademark registrations.


Drafting a list of goods and services which is sufficiently extensive and takes into account the specific features of your business is the basis for a good trademark application. Later on, the list will define the scope of protection of the mark, and the wording of the items in the list is crucial. The list cannot be expanded later on, except by filing a new application.

Experienced experts at Berggren Brands & Designs make sure that your trademark protection will cover all the necessary goods and services also later on as the business of your firm develops and expands. Our experts also recommend in which form it would be advisable to protect your trademark – for example, as a word or a logo.


In addition to comprehensive services relating to the protection and defending of trademarks, we provide our clients with a proof of use workshop for trademarks, including guidance on the correct documentation for proof of use as well as on the correct use of trademarks. Our services also include other training which may relate to e.g. trademarks and be tailored according to the needs of your firm.


Valid trademark renewals with appropriate classification of goods and services and in the relevant countries are an essential element in the management of a brand.

In our Berggren Renewals Tool service, clients can readily look at the trademark registrations related to their brand portfolio and indicate which registrations should be renewed and which ones may possibly involve other actions to be taken simultaneously, such as changes in ownership. 


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