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We offer you a 24/7 possibility to estimate the costs of a patent application for your invention in various countries around the world.

By using the eBerggren® calculator you will receive an initial cost estimate, after which you can request a more detailed quotation from us. Our experts will determine the scope of patent protection needed based on your current and future business and draft a cost-effective proposal to start the patenting process on your preferred market.

The core of a patent application is defining the invention as the patent office will assess the patentability of the invention based on this. The invention must be novel and needs to involve an inventive step. In addition, it must solve a technical problem. Our experts will help define the invention as a part of drafting the patent application. Due to the novelty requirement, it is essential that you do not publish your invention in any way before the patent application has been filed with a patent office.

If the patent office determines that the invention defined in the application meets the basic conditions for a patent, such as novelty and inventive step, a patent is granted. A patent ensures that you can utilize your invention in your business and intervene in case of possible infringements.

Our experienced patent attorneys will assess your invention’s characteristics and the possibilities for protection for you to get appropriate protection and to ensure you will benefit from your invention.


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Patents in general

A patent protects the invention’s technical implementation.

  • A patent can be granted to a product, device, and/or method that is novel, has an inventive step, and solves a technical problem.
  • The object of a patent can also be computer software when the software is a part of a technical solution and in addition is novel and has an inventive step.

Patent protection is based on patent claims and the description and drawings provided to interpret them. Therefore, it’s important that the invention has been defined accurately, taking into account the inventive details, the technical environment and other elements that affect the overall implementation of the invention.

A patent application must be filed before publishing the invention.

Whats included in the cost

The costs of drafting and filing a patent application consist of defining the invention, drafting the application, the official fees of the patent office, and our expert’s service.

A good thing to note is that after filing the patent application the patent office examines the invention’s patentability and typically issues office actions. Reporting and filing responses to these office actions will incur additional costs. After the patent has been granted, possible oppositions (attempts of a third party to cancel the patent) may raise the total cost of the patent. Exchange rates and changes in the official fees can also cause additional costs.

Our patent services

Berggren’s patent team consists of experienced patent attorneys and IP specialists. Our team has the vastest knowledge of various areas of technology in Finland. Alongside our European Patent Attorneys, we have patent attorneys qualified before the Chinese, Russian, German, and US patent offices.

Our patent attorneys will help you to understand the possibilities of protecting your invention. This way you will get appropriate protection and ensure you will benefit from your invention.

  • Together we will consider from your business’ point of view what can and should be protected.
  • We will go through the aspects that affect the protection, such as, the inventive step, technical features, and international dimension.
  • We handle the patent process domestically as well as internationally in the extent required by your business.
  • If your patent is infringed, we will deal with the infringement assessments and defend the patent with expertise.

Our IP specialists will handle the formalities of the patenting process.

What is the process like?

Stage 1: Explain what the technical field of your invention is and in which country you would like to first file a patent application.

Stage 2: You will receive a preliminary cost estimation right away 24/7.

Stage 3: Ask a patent attorney for a customized quote. You can attach drawings or photos of your invention to your request.

Stage 4: Accept the proposal and protecting your invention can begin!


What will happen of don't protect your invention

Everything you have invested in your invention might benefit your competitor because they can copy your solution and use it in their own business.

Only by having a granted patent can you prohibit exploitation of your invention professionally.


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