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Technical fields

Technical fields guide the examination of the patent application and define the novelty and inventiveness of the invention in that particular field.

The technical fields guide the patenting process from the drafting of the application and examination to the granting of the patent and even the interpretation of the scope of protection of the granted patent.

The technical fields refer to various branches of science and technology where innovations and inventions are inherently placed. They cover a diverse range, including electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical and civil engineering, as well as chemistry and materials engineering.

Different technical fields have their own unique features that determine what kind of information, examples, and how much of these should be presented in a patent application. For example, in the field of biotechnology, a patent application may require comprehensive laboratory test results, whereas in software engineering, there is often a focus on algorithms and their detailed description to achieve a certain technical function.

We are experts in all the key technical fields, thoroughly understand the patent processes, and go through our client's situation with them at the beginning of the protection process, which ensures that your innovations always receive the best and most suitable protection possible.

Mika Laajalahti

VP of Berggren Patents, European Patent Attorney

Fields of patenting

Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum technology

Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics

Biotechnology, Life Sciences, MedTech

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Mechanical and Equipment Engineering

Energy Technologies

GreenTech, Circular Economy

Wood, Pulp and Paper

Transportation and Robotics

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