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Berggren makes it easy to obtain expert services related to intellectual property rights online

May 26, 2021

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    Berggren is a full-service European IP firm. We provide high-quality, comprehensive and business-oriented services and digital solutions for all areas of intellectual property to help our clients develop the best possible IP strategy.  Berggren is your strategic partner for growth and development of your business.

    Berggren, a leading Finnish firm specializing in intellectual property rights, has developed the eBerggren™ ecosystem for digitally defining, pricing and providing expert services related to the protection of challenging intellectual property rights (patents, utility models, design rights, trademarks). 

    Determining the scope and price of expert services relating the international protection of intellectual property rights based on client needs often requires a great deal of effort given the variability of official fees which depend on a number of factors, local agency services required in different countries and multiple options for proceeding with IP protection.  In addition, consideration of currency fluxuations in connection with long-term projects can be a significant factor when determining pricing.  IP protection services have traditionally required ad hoc manual effort and considerable resources.  The purpose of eBerggren™ is to combine expertise and data to create an easy-to-use online service that enables the acquisition of high-quality IP services internationally. 

    Investment in business-enhancing digitalization have long been a key element of Berggren's strategy. “We have invested long-term in digitalization for service production and customer projects. Now we are introducing our smart online service to allow customers to purchase IP expertise flexibly,” says Heikki Kinnunen, Berggren's Business Development Director. "The global Covid19 pandemic has accelerated the utilization of digitalization in companies, and we at Berggren stive to continue as a leader in the use of digitalization in our own industry," Kinnunen continues.

    eBerggren™ creates a customized service solution for the client

    The eBerggren™ system can understand quickly what protection a client needs and suggests a suitable service solution for meeting those needs. The system uses the actual pricing data of earlier similar projects, price information published by local IP firms and dynamic retrieval of price information from the systems of various authorities. 

    The core of eBerggren™ is a system that is specific to each form of protection and which determines the appropriate client service solution and the steps for going forward based on the background information provided by the client. The system immediately provides a preliminary cost estimate for the service solution.  When necessary, Berggren's experts will review the customer's needs and the proposal provided by the system in order to finalize a service solution tailored to the client.  

    In the first phase, Berggren will launch the international trademark registration service feature of its new eBerggren™ solution for use by clients in a webinar on 27 May 2021. This service allows one  to register a trademark directly and internationally in more than 100 countries and, with the help of Berggren's experts, even more widely.  During the remainder of 2021, the eBerggren ™ package will be expanded to include services related to multiple forms of intellectual property protection.  Further, electronic solutions currently used by clients also will be integrated into the eBerggren™ ecosystem in the future.

    "The eBerggren™ project strongly supports Berggren's internationalization program, which aims to achieve strong growth in the provision of European IP services in the North American and Asian markets," says Hannu Syrjälä, CEO of Berggren. “Right now, there is a strong digitalization revolution going on in the world and this offers us an excellent opportunity to grow in the international market,” Syrjälä adds.

    Berggren in brief

    Berggren is a leading and internationally award-winning IP firm.  The firm´s services include patents, trademarks, designs and domain names, as well as IP commercialization. In addition, Berggren has comprehensive expertise in a variety of business law services, including contract law, public procurement, data protection, dispute resolution and marketing law.

    eBerggren™ -tool

    Try our eBerggren™ -tool and estimate the costs of trademark registration in various countries around the world.

    For more information, contact: 

    Hannu Syrjälä
    +358 10 227 2000 

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