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Berggren´s Italy Desk provides the benefits of a one-stop-shop for clients who are active in the Italian market. The Italy Desk includes Berggren’s own Italian expert Mariella Massaro who has 15 years of prior experience as an IP attorney-at-law in Italy. Mariella handled both transactional and litigation matters for a wide variety of businesses, from high-tech to iconic design and fashion companies.

The Italy Desk addresses the needs of our clients in matters related to intellectual property, commercial agreements, company law and data protection by coordinating the work of selected local professionals and attorneys whose expertise best suits the requirements of each project.

In collaboration with Berggren’s International Client Relations team, the Italy Desk also provides assistance to clients located in Italy that are interested in expanding into the Nordic region to take advantage of its dynamic and robust innovation ecosystem.

Our Italy Desk expert Mariella Massaro regularly attends major business and IP conferences in Italy and abroad and she is a frequent public speaker and author of publications on innovation and intellectual property.



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16.11.2021 | Mariella Massaro
License to kill (software) bugs: CJEU issues landmark decision in C‑13/20
12.06.2021 | Mariella Massaro and Robert Alderson
Nordic countries dominate the European Innovation Scoreboard again
9.06.2021 | Mariella Massaro and Robert Alderson
German Constitutional Court Clears Path for Ratification of European Unified Patent Court Agreement


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