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Funding opportunities

Does your company have an innovation that could be leveraged to grow its business? Explore funding opportunities.

When the protection of intellectual property rights is in order, your company has an effective way to address product counterfeiting or other legal infringements. Also, obtaining external funding usually requires that  intellectual property rights are properly protected.

We offer assistance in planning your company's innovation activities and their financing. Our expert services can include developing innovation activities with external expertise, protecting and acquiring intellectual property, or borrowing an expert from a large company or research organization.

Mika Pinolehto

IPR Business Manager, Patent Attorney


Choose the solution that suits your company or contact us directly. We are happy to help you find the right option.


Into funding

Business Finland's Into funding helps startups and SMEs aiming for export markets. With this funding, you can purchase the best possible expert services for your company to strengthen your innovation activities. You can also use Into for protecting your intellectual property rights or for hiring a temporary expert from a research organization or a large company.

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Innovation voucher

Business Finland's innovation voucher is suitable for SMEs with established business operations (Class A) that want to initiate innovation activities and develop their products, services, or processes, or acquire new knowledge and expertise required for innovation activities as a service.

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