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Effective start of Berggren Inc.

Mar 21, 2016

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    Berggren is a full-service European IP firm. We provide high-quality, comprehensive and business-oriented services and digital solutions for all areas of intellectual property to help our clients develop the best possible IP strategy.  Berggren is your strategic partner for growth and development of your business.

    ”Way to go, Berggren Inc., could be the business motto of our subsidiary established last October in New Jersey. The ever-increasing flow of patent applications employs more people all the time. The team is growing. We have just hired our second US patent attorney,” says US Patent Attorney and Team Leader Susanne Somersalo.

    Berggren Inc. has now employees in Finland as well as overseas in the US.

    US Patent Attorney Susanne Somersalo runs our office in the USA, in Hoboken, and is together with her team responsible for the patent processes with US authorities. The first six months of the business are now behind.

    Already two US patent attorneys on board

    We have also strengthened our team competence in Finland. US Patent Attorney Joshua Wert joined the US team in March. Wert is located in Helsinki, but his strengths are wide knowledge of US market, like Somersalo’s, and also English as a native language.

    joshuutinen-900x497 (1)

    Due to Wert’s working experience as a US Patent Agent and Somersalo’s experience as a US Patent Attorney, our clients can rely on the straightforward and fast handling of their US patent processes. Additionally, valuable backup is available through other patent attorneys at Berggren.

    “Somersalo wrote her dissertation on biosciences and she is specialised in patenting in the field of biochemistry and chemistry in the US. Wert, for one, has a university degree in mechanical engineering and he is specialised in patenting of electrical and mechanical inventions in the US. In co-operation with our European Patent Attorneys, we can offer a high-quality US patent prosecution in all different technical fields. We also handle US design applications,” promises Kim Simelius, Vice President of the Patents business area.

    Same Berggren quality guaranteed also in the US patenting

    Somersalo says that the keystone in establishing Berggren Inc. has been the idea of providing competitive Berggren quality services also for US patent applications.

    “Berggren quality means that the clients can trust the famous Berggren brand here as well. They get their reports on US applications prepared with the same proficiency as the reports concerning Finnish and European applications,” say Simelius and Somersalo.

    “It can be stated, that we have already reached this. Berggren Inc. can handle the filing of any kind of US patent application (also design applications) and defend it before the USPTO.”

    In Finnish language and during Finnish working hours, if needed

    Drafting of patent applications has been very active already for several months, so the number of filed patent applications is already significant. In addition to patent attorneys, the US team also employs several IP Assistants. One of them is IP Assistant Jaana Hietanen, who is working in Oulu (in the photo in the middle, next to her from left Susanne Somersalo, IP Assistants Satu Kuorikoski from Turku, Päivi Tukeva from Helsinki and Essi Pösö from Tampere).

    binc-kollaasi-240x496 (1)

    “Since the electronic work environment of Berggren enables effective communication between the continents, the US team works in different locations from South to North, as well as in Finland and in the USA,” says Somersalo.

    Now that we have workers on both continents, we are able to provide our services to the clients almost 24/7, if necessary.

    “The US team provides reliable and straightforward communication, progress reports and advice on the requested matters. This is possible in Finnish language and during Finnish working hours, whenever needed. The advantage is formed by the fact, that the communication is straightforward to the client as well as to the attorney.”

    Would you like to apply for a patent in the USA?

    For more information, contact Josh or Susanne!

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