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Webinar: Technology Transfer between China and Europe: Bridging the Gap

Dec 9, 2020

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    Berggren is Co-Organizing a series of webinars with Law Offices of Albert Wai-Kit Chan entitled "Technology Transfer between China and Europe: Bridging the Gap". Read more from below and register. 

    Date: Thursday, 10 December 2020 (Zoom Webinar)
    Time: 19:30 – 21:30, China/Hong Kong Local Time; 13:30-15:30 EET; 12:30-14:30 CET
    Language: English
    Link to registration page:  join here

    In today´s world, cross-border collaboration between Europe and China is a natural choice for many reasons.  From quantum communications to nuclear physics, and semi-conductor to pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Europe is home to numerous ground-breaking technologies such as robotics, transportation, telecommunications, medical technologies, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and additive manufacturing. China, with its market size and low labor cost, has excelled in technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence and e-commerce.  As the world now holds its breath for effective vaccines against the COVID-19 virus, the need for collaborative strategies is more important than ever.  Can these two important economies work together to expedite technological advancement?  Can foreign investment and technology transfer rejuvenate economies which have been disrupted by the pandemic?  Join our webinar series as we explore emerging innovation, technologies and markets of China and Europe and discuss the opportunities and challenges for technology transfer in light of various legal issues that may affect potential deals. 

    Our second episode is entitled “Local Policies in China and Europe for Collaboration” which will address the following topics:

    - Why China Greater Bay Area?

    - Why Finland? Finland smart strongholds in digitalization, energy and bioeconomy. Finland and China investment and business collaboration.

    - The Finnish innovation system: why Finland is a globally leading country in innovation? What the greenest, happiest and one of the technologically strongest country has to offer?

    - Scaling up your business through technology commercialization: growing faster, bigger, smarter

    We will have a 30 minute Q&A after the presentations.


    - Albert Wai‐Kit Chan, Managing Partner / Law Offices of Albert Wai‐Kit Chan

    - Tomson Lee, Senior Technology Transfer Officer / City University of Hong Kong

    - Eija Tynkkynen, Commercial Counsellor, China Country Head / Business Finland China

    - Mika Klemettinen, Trade and Innovation Consul, Head of Business Finland Shanghai Office

    - Robert Alderson, US and European Patent Attorney, Partner / Berggren Oy

    - Mika Lehtinen, VP of IP Consulting and Brokerage, Partner / Berggren Oy

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